Wednesday, June 3, 2009

High Five

Jenn had the opportunity to walk in the Komen 3 day walk in Atlanta a year ago.  Michael and I went to cheer her on.  The weather was poor for the first day or two.  
Here are two brief stories:
1) On day one a few miles from the start, Michael and I were hanging out at a cheering station waiting for Jenn to make it.  We were one of the first few families there.  Michael and I would keep getting out of the  car in our poncho's and wait in the rain for her.  We got bored waiting and I had Michael wear his FSU football helmet from a costume.  We cheered on the walkers by yelling "Way to go!".  A lady walking stopped to talk to us, she told us she was doing a scavenger hunt while on the walk.  She had graduated from FSU and needed to get a picture of FSU gear, so she asked if she could take a picture of her and Michael.  Michael was unsure, but posed at my request. Go 'Noles.

On the third day, Michael and I walked up to the last cheering station and while waiting we bumped into Uncle Bob, Joani, Sean, and Ashley.  While at the cheering station, I told him that he could earn some "Man points" by giving the walkers High Fives.  He was not one to do it without some coaxing.  So I told him once he had 10 or 20 high fives he could get a prize (Star Wars figure of course).  He started giving "High Fives" and really enjoyed it.  I told him that he was helping the walkers focusing on finishing.  He really took off and I think he must have given 500 or more "High Fives" before we left the cheering station.  It was great seeing Jenn walking, and watching Michael give her a great big hug.  It was also funny to see Micheal hold up a "Dooley Women have Big TATA's" Sign.  While he may not have understood everything about the walk, he appreciated Jenn participating and that everyone was doing something great.    I am not sure if he knew he didn't have TATA's.  A lot of people on the walk talked to Michael and it made an impression on them as well as for him.  Jenn may do the walk again this year, monitor her blog for her progress.

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