Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pirin and Peyung

Michael was not the best at pronouncing names.  He used to call aspirin "Pirin" and when he was younger he called guns "Peyung" for the sound they made.
Jenn didn't want guns in the house, yet he would grab a stick and turn it into a "Peyung"  telling other kids that they should play "Peyung".  Of course, they had no idea what he was talking about until he made a gun out of his hand.  He loved weapons of all sorts, and the good guys always won.  A few years back, he realized that a "Peyung" was called a gun and he had outgrown his "Peyung" phase.  I miss those years, but I cherish the fact that as long as he was alive he was innocent.  He didn't know terrible things and had not had his heart broken.  His biggest care in the world was should he spend summer bowling money on Nacho's or trinkets from the toy machine at the bowling alley.
This summer was to be his greatest, he would have spent the whole summer in camp and would have been king of the camp.  He loved hosting Nintendo DS games with the kids at camp, and he had gotten real good at playing games.  He loved to watch people play and would be content playing or just watching.  That kind of attitude you just can't teach.  He was one of a kind.
I love that kid.

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