Thursday, May 7, 2009

The British are Coming - Act 1 Scene 2

Michael loved museums, he loved history, he loved learning new things.  I loved taking him and watching him as he saw history right before his eyes.  A few years ago, we went to the Mary Brogan Museum just about every weekend or two.  If we were bored, we would just run to the museum for a bit.  
His first visit to Mission San Luis when we talked to the characters, we met a character actor of a spanish solider in the block house.  The actor said that the british or pirates were on their way to destroy the village, he was playing in character of the time.  Michael did not understand at first and became a little frustrated.

Solider:  The british are on their way to destroy the village, they have indian allies and are getting close.  We will have to burn the village before they get here.
Michael: Why don't you call for help?
Solider: That would take weeks to send a messenger.
Michael: Just use your cell phone.
Solider: Cell Phone?  What is this Cell Phone.
Michael: You know, you use it when you want to talk to someone.
Solider:  We sent a message via a courier (sp), we don't think they made it.
Michael:  A cell phone is technology, use your technology.
Solider: We have technology, I have a musket right here.  I have never heard of a cell phone.
Michael: Technology, you know xbox, that is technology.
Solider: xbox?  We have a box over there, is that what you mean.
Me:  Michael the year is 1540, it is not present day.
Michael:  It is 2008, I have an xbox, you have a cell phone.  We have technology to call for help.
Solider:  It is 1540, we must get ready to burn the fort down.
Michael: Look over there at that red box, it says "pull in case of fire".  That is technology, this is 2008.
Solider:  I see no red box.
Michael: (Walks to the box) and points it out matter of factly.
Me: Michael, he is pretending this is 1540 and that we have gone back in time.
Michael: Ohh (A smile creeping across his face), why don't you use your guns to defeat the british? (Always believing the good guys would win).

Michael learned a lot that trip, he had always liked museums.  However, after that encounter, he wanted to talk more to the characters even if he was shy at times with them.  He realized that his love of history and his love of imagination could morph into a magical moment especially at living history exhibits.  He loved watching any reenactments.  

At Mission San Luis, his favorite area was the block house, nature trail, and the great council house.  I believe we made about 7-10 trips to Mission San Luis, what a wonderful time to see how he reacted being around living history.  I don't know if I can ever go back to a museum, the wonder and excitement are gone.  The magic is missing.  They had a story telling April 11th, it would have been fun to go to another story telling by Rainbow Eagle.

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