Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mamma's Boy

Michael for all the guy things he was in to, was a momma's boy.  He loved to cuddle and love to share snacks with her.  They would get treats and shop together, they would get drinks (coke for Jenn and a sprite for Michael).  If Jenn and I were laying down in bed, he would come in with a big grin and work his way in between us.  A few days before he died, he was "snuggling" with mommy and asked if I wanted to join.  "The bed is not big enough for the three of us" I replied..  
They were great together, two peas in a pod.  Michael, the lover of green army men, and Jenn the lover of "The Real House Wives of some city"...

I miss hearing them play Uno in the other room and then Jenn coming out to tell me she won X times in a row.
I miss Michael squeezing up between us.
Mommy's Boy and all, he had a great look on life;  He loved the comfort of mommy, and only she could comfort him.  He was tough and loved to wrestle.  What more could you ask for....

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