Friday, May 29, 2009

Cosmic Bowl

My buddy James, Melissa, and their two kids would go bowling every month or two.  Typically they would call me and see if we wanted to go.  Jenn was usually at an all night scrapbooking session.  We would go to Capital Lanes to go bowling for Cosmic Bowl.
Cosmic Bowling for those of you who don't know, includes a dark room, a disco ball, loud music, and dancing lights.  We would get one lane and would usually bowl about two games.  Michael and Taylor would use the bumper rails.  Michael would take his ball walk up to the line and drop it.  Five minutes later when the ball reached the pins, one or two would drop.  He never cared about scores because his real love was the music and the racing red lights.
When it wasn't his turn, he would be dancing on the wood floor and Taylor would copy him.  Michael loved cosmic bowl, he had such fun.  His face was full of smiles and it was a wonderful time.  I am glad James invited me because Michael was never out late and we would never have had that opportunity.  
I will miss Michael Hiding from the red laser lights on the wall and floor in the bowling alley when he pretended that the cosmic bowl was a battle field the last time we went.  He also loved getting a Sprite to drink, and Nacho's and Cheese for a snack.  He was always my biggest fan whenever I bowled a strike and was there to give a "high five" and some words of encouragement.  My favorite part was when he told me to look up at the screen each time to show me where I should bowl my next ball to pick up the spare.
Capital Lanes also had Laser Tag, Michael loved Laser tag.  We would always play a game of Laser Tag after we had finished bowling.  He would get so excited and loved to try and shoot anyone on the other team.  Like always he was happy to be there and would have been happy just dancing at the Capital Lanes and not playing bowling or laser tag.

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