Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fort Matanzas

A couple of years ago, I went on a week long summer vacation to Crescent Beach, FL.  Michael was just starting to get involved in history and we had the opportunity to go to a couple of forts and to an Alligator Farm.  

Fort Matanzas - This was a small forte less than a mile from the house we were staying at.  You get to ride a short ferry across the river to get to the fort.  The fort is small, but real neat.  I think we went to the fort every day of the week that we were there.  It is a small park and a quick ferry trip, but we loved it.  It was at this vacation that he started to get heavy into military history.  We went to Fort Matanzas 5 times that week.  And we walked down the nature trail (boardwalk through the woods).  He loved to get a sprite for each of us as we started our journey down the trail.  When walking a nature trail we loved to pretend that we had gone back in time, that we were in the times of the Spanish armada and the British were at war.  We would gingerly slink down the boardwalk listening for any signs of the enemy.  Each visit Michael would say he would take the tour to the top of the roof on the blockhouse, but he just couldn't manage to do it.  I love those memories.  Watching the wind rush through his hair and his eyes squint so as to see through the surf and wind to our ultimate destination, Fort Matanzas.

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  1. Dear Stu,

    We have not met. My name is Kim and I used to work in the School of Theatre with Jenn. I am 100% a member of the Jenn fan club and am heartbroken by the loss of Michael. My family, friends, & colleagues are all thinking of and praying for you and Jenn.

    I wanted to share one of my Michael memories with you. My husband and I visited the MagLab in the Spring of 2008 on their open house day. It was busy there but as we walked in, we passed a boy and his dad as they were walking out. The boy had a grin plastered on his face from ear to ear and was chatting a mile a minute about what they had just experienced in the Maglab. I thought the little boy looked familiar but didn't realize it was Michael until Jenn mentioned the following Monday that you and Michael had also visited the MagLab that weekend and I immediately realized that we had passed the two of you on the sidewalk that day. In the brief few seconds that it took for us to pass each other, it was obvious that Michael had thoroughly enjoyed that experience with you and was SO pumped about everything! It is true that Michael and Jenn were 2 peas in a pod but he was SO lucky to have such great dad too!

    Kim Sterritt