Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Today was Mother's day.  It was the first without Michael.  A typical mother's day usually consisted of me purchasing items a week or two out.  Then getting two cards, one from me and one from Michael.  Finally, the night before Michael and I would go out and get some flowers and hide them in the garage or the middle bedroom.  I would explain to Michael what Mother's Day was about and he would say "I know Stu".  
The next morning we would wake up Jenn and give her some breakfast in bed (cereal or whatnot). We would have a mother's day McD's lunch, and possibly bring home dinner to the house.

This Mother's Day was none of that.  I signed Jenn's card with Michael and my name, and didn't give a gift or flowers this year.  How do you celebrate Mother's Day after your son is gone?  Jenn is a wonderful mother, who showed Michael so much love and they had such a special bond.  Her life revolved around him and only she could pick him up and comfort him when he was sick or sad or needed his mom.  It was great to see him cuddling up next to her in the bed sometimes, he really loved that.  

Michael is gone now physically, but his spirit will never leave us.  He was free and had the most amazing heart.  He showed me how to love and become a better person.  He had an amazing bond with his mommy, Jenn that can never be broken.   

Mother's Day Jenn, Michael will always be with you. 

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