Saturday, May 30, 2009

Not Butter Teeth

Michael would brush his teeth.  I was never sure how well he did at it, so when he was younger I would have him breathe at me so I could smell his breath.  In my head I thought that if his mouth smelled strongly of toothpaste, then he brushed his teeth well.  If I couldn't smell the toothpaste breath, then he needed to re-brush his teeth.  
Unfortunately whenever he breathed on me, some spittle would get on me too.  I was never a fan of that part, but looking back, I miss it when he would let me test to see how well he brushed his teeth.

I also remember when he would never really spit out the toothpaste, a little spit would come out, but not much.  Not too long ago, I was brushing my teeth with him and I remember seeing him spit.  He did a great job of getting the toothpaste out of his mouth, that I high-fived him and praised him.  

There was a lot of little things that I thought were super important back then that I really let get to me.  Missing Michael, I wish for those times and don't feel I would have made as big of a deal out of it.  I didn't want him to be known as "Butter Teeth" or the kid with bad breath,  and he wasn't known as Butter Teeth or the kid with bad breath.  So in the end it all worked out.  I am sorry Michael for getting on your case about brushing your teeth and you can breath toothpaste spittle on me anytime. 

It seems I may have been mistake about the meaning of butter teeth, regardles I didn't want Michael to have yellow teeth.

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